Final Reflection

General Overview             When I first registered core 2096 and foun

Soliya session reflection II “Motivation”

Most of us feel energy inside ourselves but we rarely ask where this energy is coming from. Well, it seems like we are either

Soliya session reflection “Extreme situations”

Every human takes a path of life where he gets exposed to various situations in which his spirit directs his behavior in a cer

Soliya project

International Migration In search for a bright future, many people leave their countries and families behind for a better stan

Online security presentation

Online security  Presentation overview: Difference between online safety and online security How safe are we on the internet?

Soliya Reflection

Although it’s not my first time that I interact with people from the western side of the world the Soliya experience was

Meeting the purpose (Digital narrative game)

To design this game, I followed a narrative sequence that I created about how a person could realize that he has gone off trac

Digital narrative game prototype

“Meeting the Purpose” Abstract: When making a long term decision, you go through doubts and fears of what the cons

Dissecting the digital divide

Technology impacted education as a complementary tool that empowers its users with an easy reach to unlimited resources. The i

On Diffusing Bias by Binna Kandola

we always pick sides even though we do not want to. Our prior assumptions, motives or expectations influence our behavior in a