Equity blog post

First of all, we have to understand the difference between equality and equity. There was that photo in the slides that described the difference between both as it showed that if you give 3 people 3 equal height chairs so that the can reach an apple you’re treating them equally which may not be ideal … Continue reading Equity blog post

Game about stress!

University life is hard and it can be almost impossible to cope with it without facing stress, You are in a difficult and a time consuming major. You want to keep up with your deadlines, social life and having decent amount of sleep. Every decision you…

Game idea

My initial idea is making a game about stress, as it something that i feel nearly everyday which is making my life harder. Stress can have many forms and reasons and each and every person have different ones, it can also have many implications that can be severe and continuous. I also want to raise … Continue reading Game idea

Empathy and Bias

We started off by thinking about what we empathize and the definition of it which is simply putting yourself into someone else’s situation and judging from their perspective not from your own. The most important thing that i learnt about is to not judge people with what you have heard about them ;but you should … Continue reading Empathy and Bias