Digital Literacies Pathway: Choose Your Own Adventure

Skills vs Literacy Article Reflection With regard to the article, I think it brings up a lot of good and undiscussed points.

Gratitude Journal Reflection

Pixabay: Self-Development Post 3 And now for my final thought

Soliya Sessions: Reflection

Participating in this Soliya exchange program has been a completely unique experience. It is one I appreciate all the more for

Digital Narrative Game: Phase 5

For the final draft of our game, Newsroom Sensation, we made a few changes. First, since we had more time, we made it a bit ni

Coded Bias: A Multitude of Concerns

Creative Commons; "Algorithmic Contaminations" by derekGavey is licensed under CC BY 2.0 .For the assignment, I watched Joy¬

Newsroom Sensation! Digital Narrative Game

This game was designed by Heidi and Mazen Newsroom Sensation! is the tentative title for our digital narrative game about sen

Mays Imad Session Reflection

Pixabay License, Last Thursday, we attended a session

Gratitude Journal Reflection

Self-Development Post 1 Over the past several weeks, I've been keeping a gratitude journal as part of a self-development proj

Digital Narrative Game Phase 3: Prototype

This game is being designed by Heidi Aref and Mazen Hassan Integrity vs Popularity We’d have a system of integrity and pop

Digital Narrative Game Phase 2: Research

"Yesterdays news" by (Mick Baker)rooster is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 The Basic Idea We decided to do our digital narrati