Final Reflection  Part 2: Tools for Learning

During this course I was introduced to new platforms and tools to help my learning of course some were very useful while other

Final Reflection  Part 1: Reflecting on the Course

I think throughout the whole semester I was able to be more in touch with myself and learn more and more about myself due to t

My Digital Profile

I found the article interesting because it presented the key differences between digital skills and digital literacies and mad

How does a song make you feel

When I consider music and the effect is has on me, I realize the more about myself. To choose a song is hard but I think an ar

Dear, Young Ludi

Dear, Young ludi  I know you; I am YOU. I want you to listen and listen carefully to what I am going to tell you. You are an

Who inspires me

There are many figures that inspire me in the world, athletes, politicians and even musicians and artistes for what they do an

Dear mom

Dear mom,  How could I ever repay what you have given me from love and experience to advice and teachings. You have been ther

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure has always been present in my life. Peer pressure done not always have to be about drugs or alcohol and what is

Tinkering path writing – self wellness check

Self-care is important; therefore, one must consider their mental, emotional and spiritual health and Its important to answer

Game Reflection Our final game is very dee