Soliya Reflection

Soliya ReflectionThe first time my professor told me that we were doing something called soliya, I didn’t know what it was,

Soliya Final Project

Pollution and Environmental Degradation in Egypt            Egypt is an

Soliya Readings

Stumbling Blocks in Intercultural Communication:This is study was very interesting to read, as it looks at six different stumb

Reflections on Soliya

I found the first Soliya session to be fun and interesting, we weren't a lot in the session, we were about five or six during

Gender Equality Game Final

Final Draft:Reflection: Based on the feedback we had gotten we realized that the game was achieving its purpose of trying to r

Gender Equality Game 1st Draft

Research Methodology:  We talked to 10 girls and women from AUC about the comments they'd hear from parents, extended fam

Dissecting The "Digital Divide": A Case Study in Egypt

Reading this case study I have learnt a lot, what really interested me was that technology isn't enough to bridge the digital

Exploration of Self: Biases and Political Views

Binna Kandola's Video: I found this video as very interesting, as I really like the topic concerning bias. Personally I try as

Prototype Digital Narrative Game: #GenderEquality

Our Thought Process:In just under 15 minutes, my partner Fatma Halawa and I came up with 5 topics that we could pote

Digital Narrative Games