Final Reflection

I think that I learned from this course lots of things such as, how to communicate with different cultures through Soliya Plat

Tools Reflection

First of all, I am going to reflect on the tools used throughout the semester in this course Core 2096 (Digital literacies) an

Digital Literacies pathways (How healthy is the internet?)

Understanding the issue: The problem is shown through invading privacy through Facebook and other accounts via Social Media, j

May 7 Class (Data Detox)

First of all, I really enjoyed the video, it was so funny. I learned from the data detox video that I shouldn’t share an

Monday May 4 Equity and inequity in digital and information infrastructure

Information Equity  One of the things I learned from the article Information equity that in order to live in a good socie

The Great Hack

This film is about a company called Cambridge Analytica, and this company is gathering data from Facebook users and influencin

COVID-19 During Ramadan (Game Reflection)

Me and Lama as group made a game called COVID-19 during Ramadan. This is a narrative game that shows a daily routine of univer

Soliya Reflection

Session 1:        In the first session we began to introduce ourselves and each one of us s

COVID-19 During Ramadan

Scenario 1: Your parents wont allow you to order take out in fear of catching the virus so your mother asked you to buy things

Learning Online” (made specifically for COVID-19 crisis) (Reflection)

       I think that the online learning course module would be useful for lots of unknowled