Digital Literacies Pathway

For My digital literacies pathway, I will do the tinkering path, where I mainly chose the visual assignment from Ds106. I did

Final Reflection

Through out this course, I learned several new things, the main one being the difference between digital literacies and digita

Tools Reflection

Throughout the course we used multiple tools and applications , and most of them were newly introduced to me. In this reflecti

The Great Hack

At the beginning I thought it will be a boring movie because I was watching for a course, but I actually liked it. I always th

Things that helped me during this crisis

I think the object or thing that helped me through this crisis , would be my dog ,Gucci. Gucci helped me deal with this crisis

Soliya Reflection

Before attending soliya, I didn’t like the idea of having to talk to people all around the world , that I don’t ev

Digital narrative game

After the feedback I’ve got i tried to add more scenarios , but the problem is that i didn’t know how to connect t

Digital narrative game

At first I had something else in mind, I wanted it to be more professional and I had a lot in my mind but it wasn’t as e

Reflection on digital narrative game

Going through a pandemic wasn’t something I thought I’d ever go through. I didn’t take covid-19 very serous

learning online (made specifically for COVID-19 crisis)

Its actually my first time to try online teaching / courses , and i don’t personally like it but I have to go through it