Final Reflection

This semester was one of the hardest ever, as this is was the first semester to be fully online. It was never easy to educate

Final Game Reflection(Paralympics Game)

My main aim to do this game was really to learn something out of it. I wish when you play the game, you could feel something a

Digital Literacies pathway

Step 1: DIGITAL CONFIDENCE PROFILE Step 2: “Knowing the Difference Between Digital Skills and Digital Literacies, and Teachi

Reflective Learning Journal

They always say “ The best 4 years in your life, are the ones of your college experience”. When I was at school i always l

Screening Surveillance with sava saheli singh and Nehal El-Hadi

This talk was about Data Surveillance and how it shapes both the present and the future. It was talking about a short film tha

“A Technoethics Primer (with some focus on education) by Autumm Caines”

A Technoethics Primer talk  by Autumm Caines was so inspiring. I really enjoyed this talk for so many reasons. First i was su


This program was impressive i had an amazing experience throughout the four weeks. The connect express made me feel as if i tr

Phase 4: Paralympics Game


This is my presentation of the first 5 scenarios of the Game.

Background on the Digital Narrative Game

Before choosing a topic to create a digital literacies game, i spent a lot of time to think of an idea that was not addressed