The Final Post

So this is Goodbye.. This course has been one of the most, if not the most, engaging courses I’ve taken in college so fa

How Egyptian All-Female Facebook Groups Contributed to Digital Literacies

Going back to the core of my blog, digital literacies. A reminder: Being digitally literate allows you to understand aspects b


I commented on this post and this one. I posted this one.

A Contribution to The Digital Literacies Course

So I’ve been asked to suggest a topic or activity that could be added to the course in the future. I spent a lot of time

Do Not Track!

Choosing an episode to watch was pretty hard because all episodes are so interesting! Season 1 Episode 2 The origin of online

Soliya Reflection

According to the Soliya Connect Program online page, “Soliya is an online cross-cultural education program integrat

Bullying Game Final

Now my game is finally complete! Here is the link to play And here is my journey to finali

Bullying Game Draft

Finally, my game comes to life! This game aims to make the player understand that bullying comes in different forms, whether d

Bullying Game Draft Advertisements

Information Equity & Digital Redlining

Information Equity Information is crucial for both individual and public interest. As a citizen you need information on what o