Bullying Game Draft

Finally, my game comes to life! This game aims to make the player understand that bullying comes in different forms, whether directly or indirectly. Bullying is always a choice. You have the option of being mean and hurtful to others, or being respectful, inclusive, and considerate to everyone, for yourself and for the people. The … Continue reading Bullying Game Draft

CLT Symposium

Here are my thoughts about the talks. Teaching in The Age of Complexity The talk was mainly about that both students and educators are networked, and so open online learning spaces are more motivating and inclusive to increase the learning circles of students and educators. Participatory culture allows for more connection, creativity and contribution. She … Continue reading CLT Symposium

Playing Games

Playing games has always been fun, but it has never gotten more realistic than those games below. I suggest you play each game linked after you read about it. One word can change your life, one person can change your life, and you never know, one game can change your life! The Voter’s Suppression Trail … Continue reading Playing Games