Digital Narrative Games

In class, we were introduced to digital narrative games. The first one I tried was spent ( It is about

A thought on “Narrative Game Prototype”

Hi people So, my game is gonna be based around Animal abuse on a daily life and how people will react to things that they migh

Digital Narrative Games Reflection

Spent Game: Spent game is an interesting one. However, what makes it sometimes really tough is the limited options that we oug

An Awareness Against Animal Abuse

Me and Salma decided to tackle the topic of Animal Abuse through a game that we are going to create. The reason we wanted to r

Animal Abuse

Dina and Idecided to tackle the topic of Animal Abuse in the game that we are going to create. The reason I wanted to raise aw

Topic Introduction engageMOOC

I read this article: I ho

Game Prototype

As most of us spend their free time playing video games on their mobile phones I felt that I can create a game dealing with an

Prototype Digital Narrative Game

First I was thinking of something deep like injustice or discrimination. Then I decided that I want to do something light on t

Game Reflections

I played 5 games and they all had a different impact on me as a player. Of course i played the 2 mandatory games (Syrian Refug

Project Idea

My idea for this project is to create a game that helps people with managing their time. As a professional Athlete and a full