Final Reflection

I decided to create my final reflection in a presentation form so here is the link to the video of me presenting it. Also, her

Creating a Digital Narrative Game: Part 5

Click here to play the final draft of my game. Reflection: How you modified it since first draft based on feedback? To improve

Soliya Connect Program Reflection

When I first joined the Soliya Connect Program, I felt really awkward, and I thought conversations were moving at a very slow

Digital Literacies Presentation + Reflection

Link for the video in case you cannot view it.

Algorithmic Bias

This image demonstrates how the current online world is where there is a huge camera pointed at every person which closely wat

Self Development Post 1 (Gratitude Logging)

When I first heard about gratitude logging, I thought of it as one of those imaginary feel-good exercises that people do and t

Creating a Digital Narrative Game: Part 4

Click here to play the first draft of my game. Hope you like it :). Also, click here to go to my previous blog post where

Reflection on Mays Imad Studio Visit

A few days ago, I attended a session where Dr. Mays Imad spoke about trauma informed learning and teaching, she explained how

Creating a Digital Narrative Game: Part 3

I created a game which intends to educate people more on how to deal with people struggling with drugs, specifically younger p

Creating a Digital Narrative Game: Part 2

Before I start talking about the game I intend to create, I thought it would be a good idea to mention the game which I am bas