Creating Multimedia Assignments

If you would like to create an assignment in a multimodal form, and you’re bored of a simple blogpost with images, or PowerPoint, here are some other tools you can explore:

Tired of creating PowerPoints? You could…

The list above is taken from the Creative Commons Course syllabus, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Finding Non-Copyrighted Images

When incorporating images on your blog, please make sure to use images that are not copyrighted – so ones that either have a Creative Commons license, or have an explicit license to reuse. Please also attribute any images you use, clarifying which license they are under. To find such images, either use Google’s advanced image search and filter by permissions/license, or use You can also search (filter for non-copyright licenses) or directly (all of the images there are free to use without attribution, but please attribute and link back). At a minimum, when you use an image, link back to where you found it.

To ensure your color combinations are accessible, you can use this Color Contrast Checker