Wellness Gift Basket Assignment/Activity

Wellness gift basket assignment CORE 2096

Prepare a “wellness gift” package to give to a friend. You will work on this for several weeks, culminating in one digital product describing the gift basket and its contents. 

This gift basket or package must include: 

  1. At least two physical objects (e.g. a candle)
  2. At least two “sights” and/or “sounds” of wellness (e.g. a photo you took or a recording of sound you enjoy or a specific piece of music)
  3. At least one thing that focuses on smell and/or taste 
  4. At least one inspirational quote you like, in any language
  5. At least one mental “practice” that helps your wellbeing e.g. meditation or gratitude journaling 
  6. At least one physical “practice” that helps your wellbeing e.g. yoga or walking
  7. Something that delighted you recently that telling others about might either cheer them up, or help them
  8. At least one social activity that promotes wellbeing 
  9. At least one digital thing (e.g. a YouTube channel, a website) that helps with your wellbeing

Additional instructions:

  • A total of 5-10 things overall
  • One item may cover several criteria. E.g. baking cinnamon cookies is a physical practice, and produces something that is a physical object whose smell and taste can promote your own wellbeing
  • Places to try for inspiration include this Tiny Buddha site and 7 Types of Rest and Gratitude Journaling


Discuss in class (interview each other) and put it all together in a blog post. To describe all the items in your gift basket, you can create a video, infographic, podcast or any other creative representation of each item and why you recommend it, why you chose it, and for whom you think it might promote wellbeing.

I describe the activity in this video I recorded for a conference:


Header Photo by Freddie Collins on Unsplash