There are many great student blogposts over the years…and then there are students whose blogging stands out for various reasons. I cannot take credit for many of these students’ writing styles, but I wanted to keep them here to find again more easily 🙂 In no particular order (but numbered in case I want to use them in class for something)

  1. Ayah Safwat (she blogged in two of my courses and still blogs)
  2. Guirguis Samir
  3. Merna Kostandy (she blogged for my course, but others, too)
  4. Fayrouz ElSerogy (she blogged for my course, but others, too)
  5. Jana Khalifa
  6. Fatma Halawa
  7. Fadila Hassib
  8. Mohamed Safwat
  9. Marwan Darwish
  10. Mahmoud Yehia
  11. Karim Habashi
  12. Nadine Iskander
  13. Mariam Ibrahim
  14. Youssef Boudah

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