Final Reflection (Part 1)

After finishing this course, I could bravely say that this course is one of those courses that offer much more than just acade

Final Reflection Part 1

ReflectionInspo In case the links don’t work: The materials used: DiffusingBias-BinnaKandola DangerOfASingleStory-Chimamanda

My Final Reflection part 2

Chatgpt:   It became a toxic habit that before i would even think i would automatically go and ask chatgpt. I actually feel m

My final reflection part 1

Reflecting on this course on what I believe were significant moments for me also as a graduate and leaving university behind.

Final Reflection Guidelines Part 2: Tools for Learning

Final Reflection Guidelines Part 2: Tools for Learning:   In this class, I was introduced to several platforms that I had not

Final Reflection (part 2) How the tools we used enhance our academic journey

In this semester, I have learned a lot through the use of different technological tools. Most of the different tools used in t

Final Reflection Part 2

Here is the link for my document:  

GAME PHASE 5 REFLECTION Since the first feedback,

Final Reflection Part 1

Here is the link to the document:

My Final Reflection Part II

Course Reflection Part I Here are both my assignment without making it in a letter form, as well as, my letter to fellow stude