Final Reflection

I really enjoyed the course I felt that it was something new and refreshing for the semester and I gained a lot of knowledge i

Tools Reflection

Slack: This was my first time ever using slack and it was better than i expected. I enjoyed the conversations we shared on the

Taught path

Presentation skills module: What are the importance of presentation skills? The short answer: having good presentation skills

Soliya Reflection

Even though I did not attend all of the soliya sessions I actually enjoyed it a lot and I learned a lot. First of all cross cu

Covid Game Final Draft

After submitting our first draft and receiving feedback, here the points we changed and modified. First, some of the scenarios

Abdullah and Eslam’s Digital Narrative game

This aims at discussing and raising awareness about the Coronavirus. As there are too many dark sides to this virus, but it al

Project Research by Abdullah Ismail and Eslam Abuelnaga

We have witnessed what did Coronavirus do to humanity from those who died from, to those who got infected and finally the rest

Online Learning Module Reflection

First of all I would like to say that this is a first for me and I have never had an online class before this semester and I a

Digital Narrative Games

First of all the games I played where: Spent BBC Syrian Refugees Sleep Deprived Mom game Street Sweeper Being Under The Influe

Biases Reflection

I am Abdullah Hani Ismail, an Egyptian- Canadian that lives in Cairo. Even though I was born in Egypt I have strong roots in C