Social Justice and Equity in Practice

While reading “Digital Redlining, Access, and Privacy,” by Chris Gilliard and Hugh Culik, I  realized the privilege I own being a “higher level” university. Even though most professors insist that we use scholarly based articles while researching about a certain subject, we have a huge variety of scholarly based storages to search within. On the other… Continue Reading →

Final Draft

Game. While at first I thought it would be easy, this game has proven to be such a hard challenge. The amount of time, stress, and work it took was unbelievable, yet I needed more time. If I had more time, I would have changed the topic of my game. The feedbacks I had made… Continue Reading →

Algorithms of Oppression

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Prototype Game

Being a teenaged driver in Egypt allows me to experience weird stuff everyday. Therefore I aim to ask my audience what will they do if they experience such situation while they are driving. I hope that I will be able to change some people’s driving experience and make it more safe to drive here. I… Continue Reading →


I am a car enthusiast who loves everything that is related to them. Therefore, it is only fitting that my game’s topic be about driving. Being a teenager that drives in Egypt allows me to be exposed to several law breaking events that occurs, either with me or others, while driving. My game will be… Continue Reading →

Digital Literacies

It never would’ve come to my mind that I will be studying about Digital Literacies or Skills, I even did not know the difference before. It seems like we have studied digital skills back in elementary school, during our computer classes, however no one told us that they are called digital skills. While digital literacies… Continue Reading →

Digital Narrative Games

1: Spent:  A game that puts you in a situation where you are a grown person, who is responsible for a child, unemployed, and homeless, with the last $1000 left. I played the game twice. First time, I answered based on my lifestyle and I ran out of money by the 5th day of the… Continue Reading →