Social Justice and Equity in Practice

                This reflection will be following an unusual format as I will be talking in separate blocks tackling each topic separately as this was done over multiple days so thoughts might not be cohesive therefore the blocks format. I will be reflecting on the article “Design Justice: towards an intersectional feminist framework for design theoryContinue reading “Social Justice and Equity in Practice”

Game Draft One

Hey Everyone, this is the first draft of my game, most of the scenarios are not added yet because some are getting rewritten and the others i just ran out of time before the deadline. Please play the small part in my game if you can and tell me any feedback you possibly can, anything […]

Preliminary Research

First, I would like to say that this game will be developed mainly from some of my most personal experiences and it will be mainly focused around the issue of loneliness people have. People don’t have to be alone tom be lonely. Loneliness occur when people have standards or expectations for their social life and […]

Digital Skills VS Digital Literacies

When it comes to me, I have a weak spot in Teach and learn as I have the basic idea on the messages I want to send and I convey them in the most absurd manners, another thing is my brain that is usually straying off even midsentence which hinders my ability to learn or […]


Spent:                 Playing this game twice resulted in once me surviving till the end of the month but with rent overdue and the other time I survived till the 19th day mark. Both times playing this game I had to let go of many things one might hold dear, for example, ditching my child’s […]