Make Up Class 1: The Power of Tracking

In this assignment, I chose to explore the Do Not Track interactive documentary. Speaking of which, I really enjoyed the idea

Soliya Reflection

Soliya is an online educational platform designed to allow people of different cultures and backgrounds to connect and discuss

Tools Reflection

Personally, I was always not very fond of the idea of posting online. I was always someone who would use social media to post

Final Reflection

During the course, I was able to connect thoroughly with personal life issues I face on a day to day basis. I would probably s

Self Development

Anyone who knows me at first hand would never guess it, but it is undoubtedly true that I suffer from anxiety. A few years ago

Digital Narrative Game Phase 5: Final Draft

Having the chance to modify my first draft of the game is definitely a step I was looking forward to trying. It helped me unde

Soliya Reflection Paper

Defining Women’s Purpose in the Middle Eastern World Concepts discussed in Soliya Program of relevance to the topic: Identit

Digital Literacies Pathways: Practicing Digital Literacies Hands On (Tinkering Path)

Visual Assignment 1:- In my first attempt to use this path, I tried to use the tool of converting an image into a sketch and h

Digital Literacies Pathways: Digital Confidence Profile

In order to analyze what areas I needed to work on to set my digital literacy goals for the semester, I had to take a test tha

Digital Narrative Game Phase 4: First Draft

Initiative of  “When Someone You Love is Depressed” Game:  This game is designed to help people who have friends