Reflection: Tools for Learning

This reflection will include my thoughts on various digital tools we’ve utilized throughout the semester in this course. The

Final Course Reflection

This blog post is intended for me to select upon this course, how affected me, and how it could affect other people. This cour

My AI Pathway

I decided to stick with the AI pathway mainly to avoid the complications of the other pathway, but to also get a chance to lea

Digital Confidence

To assess my digital literacy and knowledge confidence skills I took this digital confidence profile test and got the followin

Soliya Reflection

The Soliya experience has been an interesting experience for me. While I have been exposed to multicultural online environment

Final School Visit Reflection

First, I’d like to embrace how great the school visit experience has been. Maybe mainly because we had luckily gotten a grea

Digital Narrative Game Prototype

Building on my initial ideas in the Ikigai post, I knew I wanted to make a game about consequences from a deep, dark perspecti

Infiltrating a Parent Teacher Meeting at Ramy Helal

On October 31st we embarked on a journey to Ramy Helal yet again. This time, me and my colleagues have planned to do the follo

VIA Test Don’f Fail Me Now

After going through countless questions and dodging paying any penny to receive my results, here are my top 5 strengths: As fa

Pre-Soliya Reflection: “Before Soliya: A Journey of Self-Reflection and Anticipation”

After a thorough negotiation with chatGPT about what I want to write, and only sticking to that, here’s the result (the titl