Final Course Reflection

As my Digital literacies course comes to an end, I’d like to thank my professor and class mates for the engaging and co-operative atmosphere created throughout the semester. Advertisements

Soliya Reflection

I registered for the Soliya exchange program during my Digital literacies course, which basically combines different individual from all parts of the world whom seek intercultural learning in a video chat. The course is four weeks long with only a session of two hours a week, which you eventually get bored of. The purpose that … Continue reading “Soliya Reflection”

Game Prototype

This is the link for the game i’ve created: Advertisements

Game Idea

  The game I’ve created is a series of life decisions of which raise awareness about the dangers of drugs during an individual’s teenage years, basically targeting high school and university students. The objective of the game is to test individual’s mind-sets and weaknesses when it comes to exploring new fields of danger, while educating … Continue reading “Game Idea”

EDX – Topic 2: Understanding Polarization – Reflection

  As a result of inferiority and superiority complexes emphasized by Alfred Adler, polarization has been present alongside human existence. Whether those differences are of class, gender, nationality, identity, race or some other custom, the forms of segregation have been known throughout time. However, Chris argues that with the adaptation of technological standards the realms … Continue reading “EDX – Topic 2: Understanding Polarization – Reflection”

EDX – Topic 1: Public Engagement – Reflection

In summary to all the fancy terms and intellectual writing, Dr. Bonnie’s article is basically a plea for help to escaping the structure that the worldwide web has turned into. Researching the intersections of knowledge, technology, and identity within educational programming and policy, Bonnie shares her views on the adaptation of the internet into an attention controlled paradigm. She explains … Continue reading “EDX – Topic 1: Public Engagement – Reflection”