Group Presentation Artifact

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Final Course Reflection

As my Digital literacies course comes to an end, I’d like to thank my professor and class mates for the engaging and co-

DS106 – Writing assignments (Who inspires you?)

Actually I can’t think of any inspirational character that I’d like to live up to at the moment except my parents,

DS106 – Visual Assignment (You’re favorite photo)

I’m not a really big fan of taking pictures, however this picture has a special place in my heart. The photo was taken i

Soliya Reflection

I registered for the Soliya exchange program during my Digital literacies course, which basically combines different individua

Restoring Motivation – Dr. Sullivan

A few weeks ago, Dr. Tim Sullivan anticipated a very important and enlightening speech regarding us fellow students. In his di

Game Prototype

This is the link for the game i’ve created:

Game Idea

  The game I’ve created is a series of life decisions of which raise awareness about the dangers of drugs during an

EDX – Topic 2: Understanding Polarization – Reflection

  As a result of inferiority and superiority complexes emphasized by Alfred Adler, polarization has been present alongsid

EDX – Topic 1: Public Engagement – Reflection

In summary to all the fancy terms and intellectual writing, Dr. Bonnie’s article is basically a plea for help to escapin