Do Not Track

I decided to write on the episode of “Breaking Ad”, since I find the topic of cookies and how we are getting tracked through them very interesting. The video basically discusses the economic origin of online tracking, how it all started, the reasons behind it and whether we can control it or not.  It all … Continue reading Do Not Track

Final Draft Of The Game

            For my final draft of the game “A Mother’s Dilemma”, I changed some of the images based on the feedback I’ve gotten from several people. I also added the sources that I’ve used for the images as well as my secondary research.              Creating this game was definitely a challenge. When I was first told that … Continue reading Final Draft Of The Game

Information Equity

The author discussed in the article “Information Equity”, the meaning of information equity and how important it is for people nowadays to have a good access to information. “Information is foundational to all kinds of equity”, this quote is very powerful and made me think of how, it is almost impossible for us to make … Continue reading Information Equity