Privacy: Make-up for Classes Missed During Vacations #1

Through watching Singh’s short films, it could be detected how often the reliance on technology, that leads to the persisten

Algorithms: Make up for classes missed during vacations #2

I watched these two videos on algorithms (Safiya Noble and Joy Buwolameni) and read this article: Engine Failure. I would l

Final Reflection: Course Reflection

When I first signed up for this course, I didn’t think anything of it since I didn’t really understand what digital litera

Final Reflection: Tools for learning

For this reflection, I chose to apply some of my digital skills and do it in a presentation format. It’s better to download

Digital Literacy Pathway: Overall Reflection

The entire process managed to improve my learning skills greatly. To begin with, knowing about digital literacies increased my

Digital pathway (step 1 & 2)

The first step in the “Choose your digital literacies pathway” assignment was doing the digital confidence profile. This t

Taught Assignment: Presentation module

As an AUC student, presentations are a main part of my life. Presentations are our professors’ favorite assignments. Also ,

Tinkering path (3): Video Assignment

Of Most Importance! Who or what is most important to you?  Take a video of the top 5 people, places. or things most important

Tinkering path (2): Writing Assignment

Write a letter to yourself at a certain age. Is there anything specific you would tell yourself? Is there anything you know no

Tinkering Path (1): Design Assignment

Design Assignment  Using adobe photoshop or comporable, create a poster for something that interest you. Include multiple pic