Part 2: Reflection on the course

Slack’s user-friendly layout and the simplicity of segregated channels made it an effective communication tool for the lectu

 Part 1: Reflecting on the Course

Date: 12/20/2023New AUC Students, The American University in Cairo Dear New Students This letter contains my journey in CORE20

Digital Literacies pathway

step 1: step 2: This article talks about how important it is for students today to learn not only how to use technology but al

Soliya Reflection

When I think back on my time in Soliya, I find myself navigating between the poles of neutrality and occasional disengagement.

Phase 4

In the tapestry of childhood dreams. Most of us have watched superhero movies and wish to be like them. Also, they have gotten

Phase 3

New Superhero In the tapestry of childhood dreams, there exists a common thread woven from the fabric of imagination “the as

Every Tuesday

Let’s start with our special cheering “محبه يا حبى يا حته من قلبى”. This weekly habit has had a prof

Reflecting on the VIA survey

After completing the survey, I found that the 5 top strengths are “perspective, prudence, honesty, kindness, and forgiveness

Pre-Soliya Reflection

In the following words, I will reflect on some things I learned in this course. We discovered many topics in the course, each

15-minute reflection: What we talked about today while walking 

During bad moments cause of my leg and a special freaking thing when I felt that I was not part of the class, I enjoyed seeing