Final Reflection

      As we’re almost at the end of the semester, I would like to share my experience, what I valued abou

Digital Literacies Pathway

I chose this photo because it represents unlimited freedom. This is called the van life, where your home is basically a van, b

Reflection on May 7

After watching Data Detox Kit, I decided to take a few actions in the future to guarantee my privacy. Clearing your location f

Reflection on Soliya

             At first, when I heard about Soliya from my professor

Reflection on May 4th class

Nowadays, technology has developed rapidly and is constantly evolving. In old days, it was mainly used for the favor of helpin

Final Draft of the Digital Narrative Game

After submitting our first draft and receiving feedback, here the points we changed and modified. First, some of the scenarios

Reflection on April 30th class

Before I read Zeynep Tufekci’s article, I had some background information that sometimes the power of attention can be m

Reflection on April 27th class

Google quickdraw is an online tool that asks you to draw certain things and grade it based on how close your drawing is to the

Digital Narrative Game Draft

This aims at discussing and raising awareness about the Coronavirus. As there are too many dark sides to this virus, but it al

Background Research

We have witnessed what did Coronavirus do to humanity from those who died from, to those who got infected and finally the rest