Soliya final reflection

Dr. Please check the notes at the end I Ezzeldin Sharaf attended the Solita cultural exchange program with group 100. Generall

Tools reflection

AI was a a tool that we used quite a lot in CORE 2096 and was also a major topic and probably my favorite in this course. Th

Final Reflection part 1

The first part of my final reflection is done in the form of an infographic. P.S. the hyperlinks for my learning showcase are

Digital literacy pathway #3

Overall I believe that the digital literacy pathway assignment benefited me a lot. At first, i thought it would be a very bori

Digital literacy reflection #2

In terms of the second part of the digital literacy, I chose the AI pathway as I thought that it would complement and broaden

Digital Literacy part #1

According to my profile, my areas of strength are communicating and collaborating digitally. Whilst my biggest weakness is cre

Our Game This amazing game was

Final school reflection

During my last school visit, i was only able to attend for a short time as i had a business meeting to attend to. However, i m

VIA Survey Reflection

My top 5 strengths according to VIA are: In terms of my strengths, I did expect some such as leadership and perspective howeve

School Visit 31/10

I unfortunately wasnt able to go to the second school visit however, i interviewed 2 people that did (1 group member and anoth