Final Course Reflection!

This course was a very interesting one, it helped me become a better person in a way, both professionally and personally. I learnt how to think more critically about everything around me, learnt about new cultures from our global citizenship topic as well as through the unique experience of Soliya. It was probably the course […]

Soliya Final Project

Religious Discrimination In my final project I will be talking about religious discrimination, with regards to Islam specifically, and how it’s interpreted and presented in Muslim majority countries such as Egypt, and globally such as in the US. Basically, Islam has been in the spotlight of criticism for decades now, specifically since the rise of […]

Soliya Final Reflection

Going into Soliya I didn’t know what to expect… I knew I was going to be in a group with people I never met before, people from different backgrounds that I didn’t know much about. I was worried that we wouldn’t get along, that we wouldn’t understand each other much or that the conversations wouldn’t […]

Soliya: Week 3

My third Soliya Session was very different to my first. Even though the same people showed up, none of us were as enthusiastic as the first session, we all seemed bored. We started the session half an hour later than usual, as we waited for people. This is probably because of technical problems.. During the […]

Soliya Readings

Stumbling Blocks in Intercultural Communication: This study by Laray Barna was very interesting to read and understand. It talks about the six stumbling blocks of intercultural communication, talking about how to avoid them and giving many examples. Those concepts are very important to grasp and apply, no matter where you are in this world, because […]

First Soliya Meeting!

I was very excited to use Soliya, as we’ve been preparing for it for a few weeks now. I didn’t know what to expect since it was a new experience, and I’ve never been put in a situation where I could speak to people I don’t know personally about sensitive topics, or global issues at […]

Final Draft: Street-Sweepers

Street-Sweepers Digital Narrative My improvements: I rechecked all the photos I used in the game to make sure that I was not violating any CC licenses. Some photos were found in articles with no reference back to them, even when trying to originate the source I found nothing useful, so my assumption is that no […]

My Digital Narrative Game: Street-sweepers

The Game: For my research, I relied on both Primary & Secondary Sources, to be able to fully understand the street-sweeper’s experiences and be able to present their story fairly to the audience. My Primary Research consisted of me talking to someone who was in charge of a private company which organised the street-sweepers, but […]

Dissecting the “Digital Divide”.

This case study was very enjoyable and informative. Every single point stated made me think about several topics in a deeper way. I was also aware of how the article combined soo many of the topics that we’ve spoken about throughout the semester, ranging from digital skills and literacy, education, social problems in general, and […]

Exploration of Self…

Candola: I enjoyed Binna Candola’s talk very much, as it opened my eyes to the different ways I can look at someone with bias and subjective actions or beliefs and not to initially judge them, because I myself may be doing the same thing in some form or the other. A very interesting point Candola […]