Final Course Reflection!

This course was a very interesting one, it helped me become a better person in a way, both professionally and personally. I le

Soliya Final Project

Religious Discrimination In my final project I will be talking about religious discrimination, with regards to Islam specifica

Soliya Final Reflection

Going into Soliya I didn’t know what to expect… I knew I was going to be in a group with people I never met befor

Soliya: Week 3

My third Soliya Session was very different to my first. Even though the same people showed up, none of us were as enthusiastic

Soliya Readings

Stumbling Blocks in Intercultural Communication: This study by Laray Barna was very interesting to read and understand. It tal

First Soliya Meeting!

I was very excited to use Soliya, as we’ve been preparing for it for a few weeks now. I didn’t know what to expect

Final Draft: Street-Sweepers

Street-Sweepers Digital Narrative My improvements: I rechecked all the photos I used in the game to make sure that I was not v

My Digital Narrative Game: Street-sweepers

The Game: For my research, I relied on both Primary & Secondary Sources, to be

Dissecting the “Digital Divide”.

This case study was very enjoyable and informative. Every single point stated made me think about several topics in a deeper w

Exploration of Self…

Candola: I enjoyed Binna Candola’s talk very much, as it opened my eyes to the different ways I can look at someone with