Final Reflection

Final Reflection: Finally writing this after being very late. But the finals were terrible as usual. I’m going to be hon

Digital Literacies pathway

Taught pathway I did the “All Abroad” modules and did digital images and smartphones. I thought it was pretty cool

Handy Tools Reflection

4 Tools I really liked Soliya, Slack, and Google Forms. While I deeply hate Twitter. Soliya: Soliya was a refreshi

Soliya Reflection

Soliya was a refreshing dialogue that reminded me when I was settled in Canada and how I interacted with so many different cha

Linguistic Landscapes

This was taken in a neighborhood known for it’s socialist thinking. This neighborhood is by Giza square and has a h

Design Justice: Reflection

The 21st Century was considered to be a new age of Capitalism. Communism was obliterated with the dissolution of the USSR, min

Dilemmas: Final Draft

I think this would be my final draft. Based on feedback, I added slight more details to some scenes and fixed a few syntax err

Annotations on Engine failure

Here’s the link

Dilemmas Game!

Here it is, my final creation. I am like 8/10 satisfied with it. Wanted to include more scenes but didnt have enough time.

Game Prototype: Dilemmas, Choices and Consequences

I decided to change a bit of my game structure and instead of doing one long story, I decided to do multiple scenarios centere