Final Reflection Part 2: Tools

Throughout the semester, we used many tools that were beneficial and new to me. First of all, what I found really interesting

Final Reflection Part 1

    In the beginning, I thought that this was just a core course that I had to get out of the way, and took it because it s

Final Reflection on Digital Literacy Pathway

     At first, I thought that the digital literacy pathway was a time-consuming assignment that did not make sense. Howev

Taught pathway

    I chose the taught pathway for my digital literacy pathway because I wanted to learn new things. The first option that

Digital Literacy Profile

   The areas of improvement based on the results are mostly in find&use, teach & learn, and tools & technology

Digital Games Reflection & Final Draft

Games Final Draft Reflection & Game    Me and Salma Hashem have been working on this game for a while now. Click on thi

Soliya Reflection

  To begin with, the Soliya program is a unique online cross-cultural education program that I have never experienced before.


  Wellbeing is a very important aspect in my life ever since I was young. Once I started my teenage years, I felt like life w

Games Blog

   I played Spent ( and it opened up my eyes to things I have never thought of before. It helped me s

The Race Card

   I watched the story about the race card on, which reminded me of what we talked about l