Final Reflection

First Part: Digital literacies   Which aspects of digital literacies do I consider most important?  Digital literacy

Extra credit assignment

  Assignment: It’s simple. Choose your favourite photo you’ve taken and tell everyone why you love it so

Soliya reflection

  Soliya has been an amazing experience due to the new things that I have learned. I got exposed to different cultures th

Final project

  Gender roles in advertisements   Gender roles in advertisements have always been a huge issue all around the world


  First reading: Youth culture, Youth practices. This reading focuses on understanding how social media orientations that

Connected, but alone? Sherry Turkle

  Sherry Turtle explains that technology is very powerful that it has an effect on who we are. That technology devices ha

Soliya Session: November 7th

  Last session was very interesting and fun. When we first started on our very first session it was very awkward and unco

Intercultural communication readings

Stumbling Block in intercultural communication: Intercultural communication is communication with people from different countr

Final Draft of the Digital Game

  Partner: Logaina El Barhamtouchy   Link to the game:

Soliya reflection (First session)

  My first session on Soliya was very interesting, productive, and beneficial. First of all, my group is kind of differen