When China Visited Egypt

Meeting with the Chinese students, here in Egypt on an exchange program, was an unforgettable experience and a great chance to get to know more about each other’s cultures and traditions. Through discussions with our new Chinese friends, we were able to break some of the stereotypes that each one had about the other’s culture. […]

The White Clinic’s Long Line

It’s 2:00 pm; I am sitting on a white couch in the clinic located in the fifth settlement, New Cairo, after finishing my multimedia writing class. I feel bored waiting for my turn so I take out my phone and start typing. The heater is on but my fingertips are freezing. I am seated under […]

A Jumpscare in Class

During their winter course, the students were comfortably sitting in the warm class. Earlier, the professor had asked a student to open the door because the temperature was too high; and the lecture went on. Until, a sudden movement was detected. The girls’ expressions started to change; their concentration was soon disrupted by worry and […]

Movie Review: Everything, Everything

Trapped in a Bubble Everything, Everything is an American romantic drama movie based on Nicola Yoon’s first novel. The young adult novel was published in 2015, and it became number one New York Times bestseller. The movie was released on May 19, 2017. It is directed by Stella Meghie, and the script is written by […]

My Neighborhood

The glimmer of the sunlight makes its way through the darkness of dawn declaring the beginning of a new morning. Birds are up the earliest to officially start the morning with their cheerful chirps. From the front porch view, palm trees stand tall on the side of the street that shows no sign of human existence. Most … More My Neighborhood