First draft of game

Test out Malak Ayman’s and I first draft of our game about a mother and her child in the Special Olympics! Give us your feedback about what you would like to see more of, what you think we should change, and what you enjoyed… Note: We will still add 9 more scenarios, relating to more … Continue reading First draft of game

Read, blog, comment!

Information Equity: This article discusses information equity and the relationship between having a democratic society, and it states that in order to have a democracy, then the public must have access to information that they are interested in. To see the article, click on the following link: The beginning of the article made it … Continue reading Read, blog, comment!

CLT Symposium reflection

I attended the student-faculty session, and it had a mix of students and faculty, across all different departments and studies- which is the main thing that I enjoyed about the session. The fact that I got to hear out faculty’s point of view on certain topics that students always wonder about, like attendance policies, grades, … Continue reading CLT Symposium reflection