Final reflection part 2: Tools

Throughout the course we have used a range of tool and platform. In this part of the reflection I am going to be reflecting on

Final reflection part1

I think throughout this course I have learnt a number of skills and knowledge that benefited me a lot on a personal and academ

Digital literacies pathway part2

In this digital pathway assignment, I chose to do the Taught path because I like to explore and briefly learn about all differ

Phase 5 part 2: reflecting on feedback process

In the feedback class, the class was divided into a couple of groups, and each person/ pair in the group would present their g

Phase 5 of the game part 1

In this final phase of the game, where we finalise our game and publish the final version. Also we have to reflect on followin

Digital literacies part 1 reflection

I took this quiz that measures my digital skills in 6 different categories. This following chart was created based on my answe

Soliya reflection

Soliya was definitely an interesting experience, that I overall think was beneficial. I have attended 3 out of the 4 soliya se

Game stage 4:draft1

Game part 2: Research

We ( Habiba Eletr and Habiba Abou Hussein) chose to do our game on eating disorders and mainly focusing on Anorexia Nervosa. W

Self-Development Blog 1

I decided to revisit a hobby I used to Practice pre-Covid, in order to promote my wellbeing. That hobby is going to yoga/medit