Phase 5 Game Reflection

Game Reflection: The idea of designing a game is honestly the most unique activity/assignment I have ever came across. I have

Final Reflection of the course!

To be honest, when I first entered this course I had absolutely no idea what is what going to be about. I enrolled in this cou

Digital Literacies (choose your own pathway)

Read ahead on digital literacies: Before reading about digital literacies I wasn’t exactly sure of what it is. I actually th

Activity/Resource to be used in class in the future

Bonus Assignment I personally prefer learning through activities and doing things by hand rather than the normal writing/readi

Against Surveillance Talk

Bonus Assignment I attended the #AgainstSurveillance talk on the 1st of December at 8:00 and I thought that the talk was very

Tools for Learning Reflection

Bonus Assignment Since this semester was an online semester from the very beginning, it gave us the opportunity to use many on

Soliya Reflection

Soliya Reflection Living in Egypt, there isn’t enough opportunities to meet people of different nationalities. However, The

Reflective Learning Journal of Fall 2020

I am a believer that everything in our lives has the good and the bad, no matter what it is! This is exactly how I feel about

Game Link

Phase 4

Scenarios +playable digital narrative game Link attached below