Final Outcome of my Digital Narrative Game.

The topic choice and what I’ve learned during the creation of this game:  As previously mentioned in my game prototype, social inequality is a topic I find extremely important and intertwined with every aspect of our life. People unfortunately get sucked into their own problems that they rarely recognize other people’s problems and try to … Continue reading Final Outcome of my Digital Narrative Game.

Information Equity & Digital Redlining.

The first article discusses a concept we have previously debated in class which is information equity, the fair distribution of information among individuals/groups in our society. First the article stresses the importance of information and how vital it is that individuals gain access to it, using the educational, health and political system as an example … Continue reading Information Equity & Digital Redlining.

CLT Reflection.

Last week instead of attending a normal lecture, we did something different that I was shocked and extremely impressed that was available in my university, we attended a Auc CLT symposium about our learning environment and digital literacy. to me, this created an vital space where not only the faculty can learn new ways to … Continue reading CLT Reflection.

Exploring Digital literacy. No, it’s not just about your digital skills.

Like most I have fallen victim to the misconception that gaining digital skills is equivalent to being digitally literate, and when I applied for this course I was under the impression that it would be similar to the LALT Course that is a requirement for all university students. Therefore, I predicted that the it would … Continue reading Exploring Digital literacy. No, it’s not just about your digital skills.