Final Reflection For my final reflection I decided to use a mind m

Phase 5: Final Draft of Game After a lot of work I can

Digital Literacies Pathway

Going through the article and doing the digital confidence test I realized that I may have good digital skills, but I am not v

Reflective Learning Journal

Because of the covid-19 pandemic schools all around the world were forced to switch to mostly online learning to be able to de

Soliya Final Reflection

The connect express was a one of a kind experiences where I got to meet up with people from different cultures and discussed w

Phase 4: First Draft of Game

Link for Presentation

Research for Digital narrative game

I decided it would be suitable to do some interviews with my friends to find out more about peer pressure because it is someth


The topic of discussion in the previous couple of classes revolved around empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand the st

Phase 2 Digital Narrative Game: Topic Discussion

The topic I chose to revolve my game around is the issue of peer pressure and how it has a huge effect on the decision of teen