Phase 5 reflection

Our game (zeina eissa and Hana ) COVID-19  discusses the financial and mental impact of covid 19 on people. The aim of this g

Reflective learning journal

Throughout this journal i will focus on comparing between the psychological effect of Covid 19 on me during spring 2020 and fa

Activities and resources to be used in future classes

For future classes,specially if it would online and not on campus,I would recommend using Kahoot ( Kahoot! | Learning games |

Final Reflection

I took this course because I was told that it was an easy course,I didn’t know what it talked about or what was it about. I

Tools for learning reflection

Throughout the semester we used a variety of tools, most of them were new to me which was very interesting. First of all I rea

Digital literacy pathway ( the Theory path)

I chose the theory path for my digital literacy pathway,in which I had to read three interesting articles from this website Ho

Digital literacies pathway

Strengths and areas for improvement: Based on the test above I found that I was comfortable in most of the skills (4/6) while

Soliya reflection

Soliya was a very interesting and rich experience. What makes it different from any type of online communication that I encoun


Hana Hachem and Zeina Eissa Our topic discusses the effects of Covid 19 on both the financial status of families and their men


“Empathy is about standing in someone else’s shoes, feeling with his or her heart, seeing with his or her eyes. Not only i