Final Reflection

I have to admit that when I first registered for the course, I had no idea what it would entail. I had never even heard of the

Contribution – “Qahera the Superhero”

“Qahera” is a web comic about a Muslim, hijab-wearing superhero who challenges stereotypes about women like hersel

Privacy and Security Podcast

Here is the podcast curation that my colleague Mohamad Abdelsattar and I created on Internet Privacy and Security. References

DS106 Assignments

It took me a while to understand exactly what this website was but I was SO impressed once I realized this is content for stud

The Reality of Fake News

As a Journalism minor, fake news is something that was discussed often…how to identify fake news and how to avoid it; h

Do Not Track

I found this particularly interesting for the reason that I had done a lot of research on this topic about tracking, specifica

Reflection on Soliya

First of all, I believe that the idea of the Soliya web conferences is an excellent initiative and wish that I had the chance

In It to Win It

The game that we worked on, “In It to Win It,” follows the life of a twelve year old boy, who is in a situation in

Equity and Beyond

I honestly had never heard of the term “digital equity” prior to taking this course. Finding out more about this t

First Draft of Online Game

I am working with Mohamad Mahmoud for the online game. The idea behind it is just how far one would go for his dream. Told fro