Reflection on “Screening Surveillance Videos”

These videos were really interesting to watch and learn from. It is crazy to think that one of these scenarios could happen in

Reflection on “Coded Bias” Documentary

This was terrifying. Even though technology is supposed to be neutral, to serve everyone equally, it doesn’t do so. That is

Final Reflection: tools for learning

We have definitely used a lot of tools during this course, all of them were useful in specific tasks that were required from u

Final Reflection : reflecting on the course

A. This course made me realize a lot of stuff that I’m sure will help me in several aspects of my life. First of all, it is

Digital Narrative Games Phase 5:

Final Reflection: The impostor syndrome game has been modified several times since the first draft. When we first started, we

Digital Literacies Pathways:

Theory Path Racial Justice: This was a very interesting reading. It is sad however unsurprising to know that the internet and

Self-development: Meditation

For this assignment I chose to go through the meditation path. I began to practice mediation four days ago. The first day it w

Soliya Reflection Paper

Being a part of the Connect Express program was an experience that was very unique and special. Connect Express program has al

Impostor Syndrome (Phase 4)

Even though impostor syndrome is not officially listed in the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, it is ver

Phase three of the Digital Narrative Game

Group: Eman El Toukhy & Haneen Khaled The game is about imposter syndrome. This syndrome is when people constantly doubt t