Final Reflection

What I gained out this course from a personal point of view when it came to myself is the fact that I have become more interac

Self-Development 3

All throughout the semester I have been trying to maintain the gratitude journal. At first it was helpful and it was very easy

SmartPhones (Taught Path)

The second badge that I have covered for the taught path is the smartphone path I thought it would cover aspects that I was no

Final Digital Literacy Game

Core Digital Literacy Game:             The purpose of the game is to give real life example of how difficult it is

How does Soliya dialogue in Connect Express differ from other types of online communication you are familiar with? Why is it different?

The digital world that we are living in right now only allows communication through a screen where each individual is hidden b

Online identity. (Taught Path )

The online identity and digital footprints are things every individuals should be aware of since it provides guidelines to how

Coded Bias Assignment

 Pixabay License Free for commercial useNo attribution required It was a very interesting film to watch it showed what it’s

Mays Imad video

The most interesting thing about the webinar is the fact that she is analyzing everything that we have gone through since the

Part Four: Draft of the game

The game that I have constructed is based on decisions that university students on campus seem to face while attending classes

Part Two edited

The reason behind why I want to create my game to revolve the current status of the world regarding COVID-19 is because its so