Digital Wellbeing Curation

Key Content of Course. 1-Breaking ADs “Breaking Ad”s, the episode that introduced the creation of popups as they n

Final Reflection

Intro After finishing Core 2096, a Global Studies course, I can say it has 3 axial aspects that I have learned from it. Which

Never get hooked on your product!

In the essence of how technology contributes directly to everyone’s life on a daily basis, we should have took into cons

Detailed Simple Logos

Connected A simple logo driven from the word sounding characters “C”, “O”, “C” in an inter


A cross cultural experience! Intro Soliya, an online cross-culture program, included people from various cultural, ethnical, r

In-trade off Privacy!

The episode titled “Breaking Ads” takes the viewer to a tour on how and why popups were created. They were created

Are You The Next Billionaire?

The Game is based on the common factors most of the successful people and billionaires share. It measures 3 main aspects which

Are You the Next Billionaire?

Are You the Next Billionaire? Play the “Are You the Next Billionaire?” Game and challenge your self. The Game is d

Empathy and Bias

Empathy by definition is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Dr. Maha made us experience empathy thro

Digital Literacies Video & Article Reflection

The article and the video are so related as they both are about different perspectives of digital developments. Whether to mak