Digital literacy path

I am comfortable using tools to communicate and connect online, however when it comes to learning its really hard and i’

Reflection “Othering and belonging”

In the article, “othering” is defined as a set of dynamics, processes, and structures that engender marginality an

TED talk “Don’t as where i’m from, ask where i am local”

In this TED talk, I really like how the speaker Talaye Selasi proposed a three-step test to identify where people are really f

ALTCV: the unofficial CV

Knowing people from different perspectives might be more interesting than the typical CV. This poster is a glimpse and more pe

Babysitting Egyptian Kids

Babysitting is part of my everyday routine because I have two little siblings. A six-year-old brother and a nine-year old and

International Games Day

The day was very interesting yet educative at the same time. First of all it pushed me to have new relations with different pe

Narrative game: step 1

After brainstorming my partner and I came up with a game named “AUC Freshmen Experience”. It is an educational gam

Testing many narrative games

Today we had to play three narrative games in class. Two of them could be played in a short amount of time and the other one d

Twitter…a useful rediscovery

It has been so long since I used twitter. When I first started the “scavenger hunt”, I felt like I was lost and wa

Play, Learn

“You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than you can from a lifetime of conversation” – Plato