CORE 2096 Reflection, Yay or Yay?

Looking back at this course after about 15 weeks of lectures, I’ve learned many new things and have become more cautious

Digital Literacies

After reading “Your mobile apps are tracking you”, “How do the biggest internet companies make money?”

Tools Reflection

Throughout this course we were exposed to many different platforms and online tools each with their own unique interface and o

Soliya Reflection

After finishing the connect express program, I can say that it was a very fruitful and fun experience. This platform of online


This is an audio file in Arabic in attempts to raise awareness about the problem of fake news on social media and how t

Social Justice and Equity in Practice

After reading the two articles, it is clear that the main point is the information that is available to anyone and how it affe

The Man Challenge: Final Draft

The main aim of this game is to shed some light on a topic that affects almost every human being alive: Toxic Masculinity. Thi

First Draft

This form or game scenarios attempt to raise awareness about toxic masculinity which is something that almost all men around

Game Scenarios

My topic is about toxic masculinity so the game will be different scenarios around 10. They will be divided into two themes. T

Game Research

As years are passing by now, we can see that topics like gender equality and the movement of feminism are getting higher tract