Final Reflection

 1. Digital Literacy a. I cannot pick only one aspect that I believe is the most important because there are a few that I think deserve recognition. Firstly, being digitally literate allows you to become a citizen of the world in a way, because we discussed a lot about global citizenship and how we should be … Continue reading Final Reflection

Global Citizenship group presentation

Group members: Nayera Khairat, Camille Artigaud and Jana Khalifa.  Institutionalizing Global Citizenship: Is a study that examines how universities institutionalize global citizenship in their curricula by analyzing program mission statements, goals, and curriculum materials. Furthermore, The study mentions a few difficulties with the concept of Institutionalizing Global Citizenship, through three dominant approaches, neoliberal approach, a … Continue reading Global Citizenship group presentation

Soliya Readings

The Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity My favourite quote out of this reading is “More or less familiarity with particular cultures does not change one’s level of sensitivity, although it affects the breadth of competence one can enact.” I really liked this quote because i think that a lot of people have the misconception that … Continue reading Soliya Readings

Digital Narrative Game FINAL

The changes i’ve made are that i have removed the divorce option, which i initially had in one of my earlier questions because if someone had chosen it then it would not make sense for the game to continue. I also added a couple more questions. Advertisements