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Reflection on choosing Digital literacies Pathway

In choosing a pathway in digital literacies I chose the theory path. In this pathway I was supposed read articles from “

Theory Path: Mozilla’s Internet Health Report

The first reading I read is “Your mobile apps are tracking you”. This article it is talking about how most of the

“Bussy” page on Facebook Bussy is a website and a page on facebook that at the very beginning started with a a group of females at Am

Tools reflection

I am very happy I did not miss taking this course because the things I learned in this class is not just something I am going

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Soliya Reflection The Soliya connect program is basically an online curriculum, and a cross cultural program that has online d

Social Justice and Equity in Practice

When I read the two articles, I noticed that the main idea stated is about the information that is open and  allowed to b

Thinking the Unthinkable (OCD) Game – final draft The comments that we got

Algorithms of oppression

We usually trust the information we get from google without thinking twice!! It is very important to know where the informat

Thinking of the Unthinkable game (OCD) Who suffers from OCD desc