Final Reflection Guidelines Part 2: Tools for Learning

     Throughout the semester, I have used different tools to finish assignments, do in class activities, as well as, comp

Final Reflection Part 1: Reflecting on the Course

     To start off, I entered this course at first not knowing what to expect, as I wanted something light with all the ma

Digital profile, Article and Final reflection for Digital Literacy Pathways

The idea of digital literacy and digital skills are very different from each other, where in a way they complete each other, a

Tinkering: To my mom

Dear mom, You know well that I am not one that expresses his love well, but you do remember how affectionate I was as a child,

Tinkering: Who inspires you

Ambition was the main force that drove my grandfather “AbdelAziz Rayan”, because he wanted more out of life. The painful a

Tinkering: Day in the life of a superhero

     I believe that my superpower is one of a kind, where I am able to mimic other superheroes abilities, or anyone’s

Tinkering: Facing your fears

I think I try to convince myself that I am okay, when it comes to animals and insects, and that I don’t fear any, and when a

Tinkering: For Fido

I don’t know how this is possible, but it is for some reason now. In a way Lilo you can understand me, and for the past five

Tinkering: Self Wellness Check

I believe that self-care is something very important that we need to do every single week, as it affects ourselves in terms of

Final game