Digital narrative game (Phase 5)

I am so grateful for this opportunity to make a digital narrative game representing issues and problems that me and my group a

Final reflection part 2 ( Tools reflection)

In this paper, I will be reflecting on the best five digital tools we have been using in this course. The first amazing tool w

Final reflection Part 1 (Reflecting on the course)

Dear Students,  I hope you find this beneficial and informative. My name is Youssef Fadlallah. I took the digital literacy co

Second make up class (Algorithms)

The first time I heard the word “Algorithmic Bias” was in this course. I did not imagine that biasing that is constructed

First Make up class (Privacy)

I watched two videos of “Do not track interactive documentary”. They were very insightful and informative regarding how we

Soliya Reflection

The connecting program was extremely amazing. I am so grateful to this opportunity. I learned how to have an effective dialogu

Self Development

Dear diaries,                This time will be different since I have returned to you. I will not write my today

Digital Pathway

I was planning to do the twisting paths at the beginning but when I did the taught path, I could not prevent myself to start a

Digital literacy Vs Digital skills

The article entitled “Knowing the Difference Between Digital Skills and Digital Literacy, and Teaching Both” was really in

Digital Narrative game Phase 4

In my game I will put the gamers in the orphans’ shows to help them understand the real problem that orphans face in their d