First Draft of Our Game Our game revolves around street beggars and ‘parking helpers.’ Everyday all Egyptians encounter situations similar to the ones in the game causing a dilemma whether to give money to the one in need or not. We created this game to give the player some choices with different outcomes and realize how their voluntary contributions … Continue reading First Draft of Our Game

CLT Symposium

On March 4, 2019, I attended a workshop that talked about student and faculty partnership. The workshop was about how students and faculty should be more of a team rather than just have a student and professor relationship. A student must be ready and willing to learn in a course while a professor should be … Continue reading CLT Symposium

Playing Games

It’s been a decade now ever since I’ve been assigned to play games for a class assignment. The last time I was assigned to play games for a grade was back in middle school in grade 6 or 7 where there was this game on a website called where one had to answer random … Continue reading Playing Games

Digital Literacy Who?

The first time I encountered the words “Digital Literacy” I thought it would be something along the lines of teaching people who are new to the whole internet phenomenon the bases of such technology and how they can do simple things like open a web browser or upload a video on YouTube and such things […]

My Digital Confidence Profile

Honestly, I had no expectations whatsoever about my digital confidence as I did not know the standards it will access me by. I already knew I’m on an intermediate level when it comes to technology in general. I also knew that there are people who are on a much higher level than I am as […]