Narrative Game: Take 1

This article is to explain a little bit about what I have in mind for my game. I want to discuss and in turn raise awareness about university students stress, and although I will do my best to steer the game away from being too dark, most of my scenarios will bear a negative result […]

Digital: Skills vs Literacies

Before reading this article, I would’ve never guessed that the difference between the two concepts of digital literacies and digital skills could be so critical. While digital skills focus on the subject learning what digital knowledge is and how to operate in an increasingly digital world, digital literacies overlooks this shallow approach and delves deeper […]

University Student Stress

I thought for more than a few days looking for a topic to choose and base my game on. It would have been easy to choose just any topic I knew, especially since I am a person of many interests, but that wouldn’t have satisfied me enough. As I played the other students’ games, I […]

Digital Narrative Games

Spent This game allows you to see life as a low income worker in the US. I played it twice; once I chose to work as a factory lifter because of the steady hours, while the second time I opted for the temp job. I realized how difficult it is to make it through the […]

Othering & Belonging

What I mostly enjoyed as I read the article is how relatable the topic was, and yet I still learned a great deal about it. For instance, I’ve always struggled to group together all the different types of discrimination (racism, classism, and so on) under one terminology which captured all their meanings together, and that’s […]


For me to introduce myself to new company, I like to use these somewhat unclear images (which I update regularly as I grow personally) that represent my greatest passions. I even like to have fun and get people to try and guess what each image represe…