Final Reflection

Where to begin? I feel I must yet again emphasize on how much I enjoyed every part of this course, which is something I cannot

Digital Literacies: Choose Your Own Path

After giving it some thought, I finally decided to follow the “Taught” path for my digital literacies pathway. Sev

Tools Reflection

During the introduction to digital literacies course, we got the chance to use several tools. Some were already known to us, w

Soliya Final Reflection

How does your dialogue in the Connect Express differ from other types of online communication you are familiar with? Why is it

Data Detox Kit

Today, I created a short podcast as part of the data detox kit module in our digital literacy course. My team and I chose the

Digital Redlining & Information Equity

Today, I chose to reflect on two article tackling similar issues; “Digital Redlining, Access, and Privacy” by Chri

University Student Stress: The Final Act

It’s finally here! The final draft of my narrative game. Ideally, I would’ve done so much more, but given the time

Algorithms of Oppression

I recently annotated this article on the unboundeq group. Check it out:

The Narrative Game

The first draft of my game is finally here! It’s definitely still a work in progress as I still want to work on the sce

Narrative Game: Take 1

This article is to explain a little bit about what I have in mind for my game. I want to discuss and in turn raise awareness a