Reflection on digital identities and culture course.

It has been a long and challenging semester which has finally come to an end, from the beginning of this semester I have had d

Learning to spot fake news Contribution

My contribution that may be added to the course in the future is a reading I found online titled “How to spot fake news:

Secure your data!

Through out this semester I have read an article titled “Social media giants Facebook, Tencent, Google reign” and

Do Not Track

I watched the first episode of the first season of Do Not Track titled morning rituals. The episode was very educational it di

Good Citizen

Good citizen is a digital narrative game which aims on bringing the Egyptian people awareness on your bad habits. Egypt is in

Good Citizen Playable Version

Good Citizen!

This game is aimed to test whether you’re a good citizen or not by putting you in situations people here in Egypt go thr

Reflection On Articles.

I have read two very interesting articles, the first article was titled “Information Equity” which was actually a

Game Prototype

My game is called “Good Citizen” it tests the individual’s acts towards a better community by putting him or

CLT Centennial Symposium

On Monday the 4th of March I attended a workshop by Dr. Catherine Cronin and Dr. Maha Bali which aimed to enhance the learning