Good Citizen

Good citizen is a digital narrative game which aims on bringing the Egyptian people awareness on your bad habits. Egypt is in a time of economic growth and reform but the Egyptian people are one of the least productive citizens in the world and they have been used to behavior that harms the community as […]

Good Citizen!

This game is aimed to test whether you’re a good citizen or not by putting you in situations people here in Egypt go through everyday, however in order to play you need to be completely honest with yourself. through most of the game you obviously might know what the right thing to do is however […]

Reflection On Articles.

I have read two very interesting articles, the first article was titled “Information Equity” which was actually a chapter from a book titled “Design Equity”. The chapter highlighted the idea that information is foundational to all kinds of equity and that in order for the community to be democratic the public must have access to […]

Game Prototype

My game is called “Good Citizen” it tests the individual’s acts towards a better community by putting him or her in scenarios where he would choose a good choice or a bad choice which would benefit him. These are the following scenario’s I had so far Good Citizen Scenario One: You are on your way […]

CLT Centennial Symposium

On Monday the 4th of March I attended a workshop by Dr. Catherine Cronin and Dr. Maha Bali which aimed to enhance the learning experience in the American University of Cairo, this workshop was titled transforming learning environments via student partnership. In this workshop we were engaging In conversations about the classroom environments and the […]

6 Digital Narrative Games

Responsible Partying I have played a game on partying responsible which seemed interesting but I guess it was made for people who are younger than I am, It tackled the issue of high school people who choose to drink or not to drink alcohol and whether or not it was a responsible choice and then […]

My Perception On Digital Literacy

If you had asked me about the meaning of digital literacy before taking this course i would have probably thought that digital literacy basically meant the understanding of technology and how to use it, the skills needed when it comes to using certain programs and when to use what! After reading an interesting article titled […]